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I hope you're not lost and have taken any route out of wherever you've just been. Maybe you arrived following the suggestion of an over-zealous search engine. BobMoCo is split between the Middle-earth Glossary which (like the tale) grew in the compiling, and the less serious, which is where you are now.

Bob lives in Seaford, a quiet town on the English Channel, but he's liked it since arriving in 1956. So do the Felines. Bob is a former government official who worked for a quarter of a century in London. He was married to Mo for 27 years, when she decided she'd had enough. After the London commute he worked in a local firm for 6 years, and is now retired.

To keep himself out of mischief, he helped out for three years as Youth Fixtures Secretary for Seaford Town FC; his redesign of the club website and efforts to create some useful content seemed to win approval. He is now a member of SeaMIG (Seaford Monumental Inscriptions Group), whose website he maintains. Computers were thrust upon him. He started by managing a mainframe database project, and first encountered a PC when one was dumped on his desk. Much to his surprise he liked computers and is now on his sixth or maybe seventh home PC, though modern technology - like much of life - still races ahead of or straight past him. Otherwise he reads a variety of books, surfs the internet, periodically challenges officialdom to abide by the logic of its own proclamations (and inevitably fails), labours rather than gardens, ponders (while attempting to iron a duvet cover) why standard ironing boards are the shape and size they are, and muses upon life's other insanities.
The BobMoCo HQ
On guard on the garage is Hawkeye The StoneCat. The VaneCat, designed by Mo, is Heathcliff. The structure on legs through the side-gate is the Cats' Hut, created with bits of wood and imagination to keep them warm in winter. It has a window and porch, is fully insulated and they use it all year.
There's been no gate on the left for many years because Bob reversed out through it and it seemed easier to leave it gateless thereafter.
The house is essentially a brick box, designed in 1948 around a grand piano by two ladies as their retirement home, and so has some idiosyncrasies. The central living room, with its "piano-nook", is acoustically dead - unless you install a Marshall stack and wind the volume up to 11. You need a hammer-drill to put a picture-hook in most walls. And originally you walked past the back door to get to the front door, which is round the side anyway.
Home Picture © Louise & Bob
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