The BobMoCo Felines

The BobMoCo cats are Phoebe and Ricky.

Phoebe took up residence in May 2010, and it still suits her to behave as a kitten.

Ricky, a handsome ginger, decided to move in from next door folowing the sad death of his sister, Smudge. He's a big softy, at heart, but finds it hard to persuade Phoebe that he just wants to play.

Ruby arrived in May 2005, born in Derbyshire and offered to us by Cats Protection. A "tortie", she is a lovely little girl, who likes washing feet in the bathroom and learned how to knock on a door or window to be let in. Her ambition as a kitten was to climb every tree in sight. She stopped having to be rescued, except from ladders, which she still regarded as challenges.
Following Ricky's arrival, she found not being top cat unsettling, and eventually took up residence across the road - as they say, cats choose their owners, not the other way round!

Ricky and Phoebe can occasionally be found in Personnel Department.
If you do not have doors suitable for cat-flaps (or even if you do) and would like to offer your feline friends a deluxe outdoor shelter, you may wish to consider Building a Cat Hut.   Go on - spoil them some more ...

Monty is no longer in Seaford. Like Henry, Poppy and Ruby, his origins were unknown - all are rescued cats. Monty was a natural adventurer, which kept getting him into trouble. His wandering nature led him into semi-exile on Seaford Head as a Golf Course Cat, and then back into the care of Cats Protection. They found a new home as a mouser, which suited him very well.

In Memoriam
Poppy was a small, round, black-&-white ball of fur who arrived early in 1998 as a Princess. She quickly became devoted to her exhausted "Uncles", Roger and Ollie (who she mugged on a daily basis), from whom she learned much about how to be a cat. Poppy had a voice in keeping with her legs - small - and would chatter to herself when upset about something. She was never happy about visitors, and would rush to hide under a bed. She was also an accomplished sculptress, and could create surprising crenellations in the printer-paper boxes she liked to curl up in. Poppy died of kidney failure, too, on 24 Dec 2011, after a mercifully short illness.
Henry arrived in October 1990 as a tiny whisper of fur who had survived a fairly traumatic start in life. He was a home-loving cat who didn't venture far and prefered sleeping. Fearful of most things, he nevertheless regularly bullied Bob out of his chair. He just outlived Oliver, but died of kidney failure in March 2007. A gentle, faithful companion, he is also much missed.
Penelope, a large, fluffy, imperious tabby who had been with Mo since 1985 ruled the house, until she sat on Oliver once too often! She opted to live across the road on Henry's arrival in 1990, returning when hungry or in need of a soft bed. She was a Queen among cats.
In Autumn 2000, after ten years of 'commuting' she moved permanently, which evidently suited her. Alas, she died of cancer on 18 January 2001, aged 15. May she also rest in peace.
Oliver - "The Elder-Cat" never got over the demise of his best friend, Roger, and caught a debilitating blood parasite from which he was ill for too long for a cat of his age.   He was a true gentleman, polite, loyal, fearless in defence of his home, but at heart a shy, gentle creature who loved his family and was in turn much loved.   Broken in body and almost in spirit, he passed away on 27 September 1999, aged 16.   He is buried next to Roger.   May they both rest in peace.
Sadly, Roger - "The Big-Softy", died on 2 July 1999, aged 12.   A much-loved, gentle character, his sudden death from cancer came as a great shock to all.   His large, amiable presence was much missed by both his feline and human friends.   A big-boned, big-hearted cat, his occasional runs up the garden resembled a cavalry charge.   He is now at rest in the area he made his own.   We wish him every happiness.